Founded in 2001, Roatan Legal has been transforming the legal services offered in Honduras by providing 100% Online Legal Solutions for over two decades. We specialize in Immigration, Commercial, Real Estate, and Corporate Law on both an Individual and Corporate level. Not looking for those services? That’s fine! We can also assist you with general counsel – from Litigations, Family Court, all the way to Criminal Cases.

Our highly experienced and fully bilingual team is setting the standard when it comes to real world service and logistics for our International Clients. We redact documents and walk you through the authentication process; meaning we can start – and in certain cases finish – several legal processes without you being here. And when it’s time for you to come to Roatan? We’re happy to welcome you at the airport!



Attorney Alex Villela F.

Owner, Director

Attorney and Notary Alejandro Villela Franco, General Director, specialist in foreign investment in the tourism industry with 30 years of experience representing international investors on the Island of Roatan in the Honduran Caribbean. Since 2000’s it has been a pioneer in providing legal services online, videoconferencing from smart devices. In 1995 he created one of the first websites of a Virtual Law Firm in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Attorney Miguel Villela

Managing Partner, with more than 10 years of experience in the Judicial branch, former Judge, current advisor to the Attorney General of the Republic with a master’s degree in Civil Procedural Law.

Attorney and Notary Sheena Thompson

Associate in USA – Lawyer with more than 5 years of experience in Comparative International Law. Notary of the State of Louisiana. Registered Interpreter for the Louisiana Supreme Court.

Attorney Yolanda Membreño

Roatan Legal Alex Villela: International Law; Master’s Degree in International Relations, Career Diplomat with approximately 30 years of experience in the foreign service and, internal service, as Prime Minister and Minister Counselor, in charge of Consular Affairs, in the Honduran embassies in Washington, D.C., USA.

Gladys Esmeralda Oliva

Paralegal & Office Manager

Attorney Aleyda Salcedo

Specialized in Administrative Law

Attorney Meylee Salomón

Litigation Specialist

Attorney German Perdomo

Notarial Writer and assistant of litigation hearings.

Lic. Wilfredo Mejia

Director of translations in litigation & logistics hearings.

Abog. Luis Rivera-1

Attorney Luis Rivera

Director of Maritime Law and Administrative Law

Attorney Keella Mandrella Woods Morgan

Corporate & Real Estate Law, (Real Estate and Corporate Law).


Roatan Legal takes pride in being connected to the Modern world. For that reason, we can be reached via Email, WhatsApp, Facebook, or a simple phone call. We have a 24 hour response policy, so you will never be waiting long for the answers you need.

The process for acquiring Honduran Residency using our services generally takes four months. Through our processes, we can even have your residency put in place before you arrive in Honduras.

We accept major Credit Cards, PayPal, or Bank Transfer.

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