Lawyer and Director of Firm Alex Villela F

Career Photos

Lawyer & Politician Alex Villela Franco with the Canadian Ambassador his Excellency Michael Gort at the Canadian Embassy Event celebrated the 23rd of February in Tegucigalpa. Villela & Villela has many Canadian clients, investors in Honduras and Alex Villela has dear friends amongst the Canadian Community in Roatan.
Lawyer & Politician Alex Villela Franco with his good friends Director of Diplomatic Immunity of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Honduras Honorable Miss Kenia Godoy, esquire, and the Principal Advisor of the Colombian Embassy in Honduras honorable Dr. Llorentes.

Lawyer Alex Villela with his good friends: Police Commissioner of the National Police of the Republic of Honduras honorable Colonel Mr Fajardo and Prestigious Lawyer Jurisconsulto Honorable Counselor Mr. Casco President of "Casco & Associates" at the Canadian Embassy Event the 23 of February.
Her Excellency Ambassador Marlene Villela de Talbott in Tegucigalpa with Director of Mr Marvin Aceituno and Theologian and Historian Pastor Mr. Checho from " Berea Ministries ".

HAttorney Alex Villela receiving his Notary Public Diploma from a Supreme Court official on April 2014.
The Honorable Jorge Alberto Rivera Avilés, President of the Supreme Court of Honduras, signing the Act conferring Attorney Alex Villela the high honor of Public Notary.

The Honorable Jorge Alberto Rivera Avilés, President of the Supreme Court of Honduras, presiding over the magnus ceremony investing Attorney Alex Villela with the high honor of Public Notary.
Attorney Alex Villela takes the Notary oath before the plenary of the Honduran Supreme Court magistrates.

Attorney Alex Villela signing the act that confers him the investiture of Public Notary authorized by the Supreme Court of Honduras.
President of Honduras Porfirio Lobo

Honorable Minister of the Interior of the Republic of Honduras Africo Madrid
Excellency Ambassador Leonidas Rosa Bautista in W.D.C. USA

Ambassador of Taiwán
Elena Guillen from the Interamerican Development Bank in W.D.C USA

Ex-President of Honduras Rafael Leonardo Callejas
President of Congress and Presidential Candidate for the National Party

Africo Madrid Minister of the Interior of Honduras
Alex Villela joins his Excellency Mr. Kenji Okada, Ambassador of Japan in Honduras, to celebrate the anniversary of His Majesty Emperor Akihito.

Villela&Villela team meets Architect Dino Rietti to discuss the interesting new social housing development options that architect Rietti is spearheading and are being launched by the President of Honduras
Attorney & Politician Alex Villela F. with friend : Presidential Candidate , Founder and Leader of PAC Political Party of Honduras

Lawyer, Politician & Lobbyist Alex Villela F. today in W.D.C. USA with his good friend Celebrity Founder & Owner of World Famous "Georgetown Tobacco" and manufacturer of Caucus Cigars hand made in Danli Honduras Mr. David Berkebile. During his visit Alex Villela invited David to visit the Island of Roatan showed him pictures and informed him of the blessings of Roatan and the Investment Opportunities as well
Alex Villela last week in W.D.C. with good friend Miss. Ana O'Brian CHIEF DIRECTOR of Protocol in the Organization of American States OAS, a most prestigious and influential Lady in the Diplomatic Community.

Alex Villela with Mr. Jose Jorge Talbott who is a representative of the National Party of Honduras in the HONDURAN Community in W.D.C.
Alex Villela with good friend Beaty Queen Miss Guanaja Universe Miss. Rita Woods

Short video showing the inauguration of the Solid Rock School in Los Sueños, Roatan. Villela &Villela would like to congratulate Mr. and Mrs. Dachner, and the rest of the HALA Board Members and supporters for the successful opening of the Solid Rock School in Los Sueños. Congratulations to Mr. Mark Schuller for his faithful sponsorship of the Solid Rock School. It is wonderful to see these happy children benefiting from this excellent school and its dedicated teachers. Congratulation!!